Chris Steed

Comments on Contractor: “We were very impressed with Art from the first phone call. His professionalism and honesty was spot on. He kept that same genuine honesty throughout the job. He was very accommodating to my requests as I added on a couple items while his crew was here. We will definitely use him again on other projects: Interior and exterior. Art was honest up front and didn’t know with the weather if he could get to the job still this year. But, since we had some unusually warm days he called and let me know he was going to come and start the job.”

Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “I really appreciated the help from The Homeowner’s Helper given that I do not know the area as much being away for the past 9 years. I asked neighbors what professionals they have used and I was given the Homeowners Helper! It was a very valuable service to have someone else give me a call that is interested in the job I needed done and still fit the budget that I had. Having a service that has already done the work to screen the companies/professional being used took the second-guessing myself out of the equation. Networking is the best way in my opinion to use a service than blindly pointing in the phone book.”