Garage Organization

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Today we are featuring a question-and-answer with Jon Ross, the owner of Closet Concepts, which has locations in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

What are some simple/easy ways to get a garage organized in the winter in preparation for the spring/summer yard work season?

Our garage shelving with doors, doors and baskets can store any of your garden tools, bags of potting soil and pots. The “Omni Track” System is a rail system where tools, bikes, toys and more can be hung on the wall–out of the way and not underfoot. We have all kinds for racks for bikes, hoses, rakes, skis, golf clubs, fishing poles and more.

Garages tend to be “dumping grounds” for everything that can’t fit in the house. How can people store these odds and ends so they are hidden?

Units with doors clean everything up. Lockers are really popular in garages for families with kids and lots of sports. We also like shelving for shoes to prevent the clutter of many pairs of shoes right outside the door. We recommend extra-deep units for extra coat storage, winter pants, gloves, etc. The extra deep units are great for coolers and picnic items. Ceiling racks can get off-season items up and out of the way.

What are the benefits of garage systems like yours?

Our systems hang on the wall, which keeps the garage clean and eliminates any moisture issues from wet floors due to rain or snow. This makes it easy to be able to still spray out the garage without getting the systems wet.


What are the steps in organizing the garage?

First empty the entire garage, sorting everything into categories of keep, donate, and trash. Then set up your garage for areas, i.e. lawn tools, car/truck mechanical tools, cleaning supplies, toys, shoes, etc.