What Homeowners Are Saying

When asked about their opinion and experience with The Homeowner’s Helper and our network contractors, here are some of the comments from our homeowner clients:

  • “I like being able to know that for small jobs I can find someone who is experienced and reliable. (Big companies usually advertise a lot.) Being able to go to a “clearing house” so to speak is helpful, particularly for senior citizens on a limited income.”

    MaryJane and Thomas Coursen
  • “We enjoyed working with your service because as we discovered contractors’ estimates and opinions varied sometimes greatly. Also, there are many contractors out there and as many people who feel it can seem overwhelming finding the right one you feel comfortable with. Craig seemed very honest in his opinion of our roof and because of what other contractors saw they could do to give our roof another year before replacing, he was interested in helping us save money.”

    Steve and Emily Messick
  • “Tony is so kind and knowledgeable. I have used this service before and am always grateful at the speed at which I am connected with a contractor to complete my project.”

    Kay Cozad
  • When answering the question – would you use THH service again – “Absolutely! It’s a no-brainer to me! Finding the right contractor is very frustrating – there are hundreds of contractors in the yellow pages, and all your friends have stories about contractors, both good and bad. The Homeowner’s Helper sent out 4 contractors to quote my painting job, and I was able to make my choice based on price, because I knew they had a good reputation. The painting contractor I chose was someone who did little advertising and is someone I would have never found on my own. Great service – The Homeowner’s Helper had already done the screening for me!”

    Dana Thrush
  • “The contractors that were recommended for my project were exactly what was required. It was very easy to explain my desire and then have contractors, that were perfect for the project, respond. Pricing was competitive, even though not apples to apples, when the over all concept was discussed and I saw sample of their work.”

    Rod Neumann