What Homeowners Are Saying

When asked about their opinion and experience with The Homeowner’s Helper and our network contractors, here are some of the comments from our homeowner clients:

  • “Tony is awesome. I am not from Fort Wayne and therefore don’t have a lot of contacts for jobs such as this one. It was such great peace of mind to work with Tony to find the right fit and have confidence that the end product would be exactly what I was looking for. I’ve already used the service twice and have additional projects in mind. This will be the first and only place I’ll go when looking for a contractor.”

    Madison Conn
  • Comments on Contractor: “Great job done by all the workers, especially Kyle who came in and did the living room ceiling and the finishing on the garage wall. All the workers were very professional. The work was top notch. It tool them only two days to complete the job and was very professional even in the clean up. When the said they would arrive at 8 AM they were on time both days. For the jobs I wanted I had a budget and they stayed well within the budget.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “This was a great way of finding someone to do the job that was needed to be done. I only wish I had contacted it sooner, the ceiling and wall look fantastic.


    Richard Davis
  • Comments on Contractor: Job was for roof tear off and replacement. “Rick (owner) and his crew arrived on time and worked efficiently during the entire job. They answered any questions we had before and during the roofing job. They were courteous and took extra care to protect our property. The crew cleaned up the work area at the end of each work day and at the end of the job. Rick returned after the dumpster had been picked up and personally swept down our driveway.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “We appreciated your prompt response and information given. Your service is a great tool to help homeowners select a contractor. Thank you for providing this valuable service!”

    Ken Liston
  • Comments on Contractor: “Contractor did an excellent job of removing all paint from the peeling garage door, applied 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish. The doors look great. The contractor did a good job cleaning the site and kept me informed of everything they did to ensure the door would not peel. Great work and a good contractor to work with.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “Without The Homeowner’s Helper, I would likely not have found this contractor. The Homeowner’s Helper was very helpful in locating contractors to bid the job, and keeping me informed of what to look for.”

    Bob Martin
  • Comments on Contractor: “The quality of work was superb. I was very pleased. I definitely would use him again. He was easy to set up an appointment with and did this job on the spot, correcting the problem, and doing some painting for me. The screen was replaced to solve the problem for less money than I paid another contractor who only tried to make the old screen that was too narrow to work. He was courteous and professional and explained things well to me and gave me a chance to inspect the work. I was very pleased. He gave me a few of his cards and I will spread the word and recommend him as well as your service.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “I was very pleased with the service. It was efficient and connected me with a reliable contractor. There is much need for this kind of service as one is often puzzled as to who to get a particular job. I will spread the word.”

    Brian Meadows