About Us

The Homeowner’s Helper was founded by Tony Messuri, President and Founder, who saw an opportunity to serve the community he and his family have been a part of for over 25 years. Tony has established a personal mission to assist area homeowners in the contractor selection process. Whether you choose to use The Homeowner’s Helper to find a great contractor or decide to “go it on your own” in selecting a contractor, Tony is here to help you. Should you decide to proceed on your own, you will find under the For Homeowners/Homeowner Resources webpage an informative document (Tips and Tricks in Selecting Contractors) with guidelines and steps to assist homeowners in finding the best contractor.

We serve the Allen County, IN area and surrounding counties.  

Our Contractor Network

We check all contractors in our network for:

  • Licenses/Certification
  • Insurance
  • Good Customer References
  • Good Record With Better Business Bureau/Indiana Attorney General Office
  • Clean background and criminal history for selected company personnel (we check key business principals/owners where we feel appropriate)

We conduct a comprehensive with the contractor, asking all the tough questions that YOU would ask before hiring a contractor.

** As an added value service to homeowners, we have established a free monthly newsletter which contains tips and tricks for the homeowner. These newsletters offer ideas to help you save money and/or improve your quality of life within your home. To subscribe to these monthly newsletters and receive important notices on updates to our service, simply go to the sign-up section on the top right section of this web page. And be assured that will never, ever provide our email subscriber list to outside parties. PLUS – As an added value free informational service, I will include interested homeowners on my distribution list of BBB (Better Business Bureau) alerts. As a member of the BBB, I receive periodic alert notices via email identifying recent scams that are plaguing our community. If you are interested in being included on my BBB alert distribution list, simply give me a call or send me an email with your name and preferred email address.**