Benefits to Homeowners

We save you the time, effort and guesswork in finding the best contractor.

  • You will have peace of mind in knowing that our trustworthy, value- and service-focused contractors will deliver quality work and stand by their work.  All contractors in our network are pre-screened using a stringent process of customer reference checks, a comprehensive interview with the company owner/principal, confirmation of licensing and business liability insurance as part of the initial vetting process, and a check of their Better Business Bureau status and various other Internet based research on the company. In addition, we conduct criminal background checks on certain/selected owners or principal managers of candidate businesses as another means to assure the homeowner of the quality and trustworthiness of our network contractors.
  • In the vast majority of cases the estimates are provided free from the assigned companies. In the case of consultative services there may be a professional services fee charge, so consult with the assigned company to find out if there may be a consultation fee.
  • You will receive extra special care and attention from our network contractors because they know they must perform to our high standards to remain in our network.  There are no “bad eggs” in our network – we take our reputation seriously, just as our contractors do theirs.
  • Our network contains many “hidden gems” – contractors who are smaller and more local – not big chain companies.  These contractors offer a more personalized approach to your project, typically offer lower prices because of their lower overhead costs, and will be there when you need service after the project is completed.
  • You can use our service as your “one-stop shopping” source for virtually any home project because we have virtually every home project need covered with our outstanding contractor network.
  • And, our service is FREE to the homeowner!

You can be assured that The Homeowner’s Helper service is far superior to nationally operated  homeowner referral services that charge either fees to join their network or charge lead fees. Their business models do not necessarily offer the “best of the best” businesses in their networks because of their business model structure. We can promote personalized connections by operating as a locally based service. Plus, we go far beyond what nationally based informational homeowner services can offer who simply provide a resource of customer input if/when provided. When you consider that this customer input could be positively or negatively ”manipulated” by either the business or outside parties, you have one more reason to take comfort in knowing that The Homeowner’s Helper offers access to only the best businesses in the area.

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