What Homeowners Are Saying

When asked about their opinion and experience with The Homeowner’s Helper and our network contractors, here are some of the comments from our homeowner clients:

  • “We wished we had known about your service years ago. It would have saved us countless hours of frustration. Unfortunately, we have had contractors out in the past that DON’T DO what they say. Some say they will be out to give us a quote and they never show up. Others show up and then don’t give us a quote. Some that actually do the work don’t do a very good job. Working with Tony is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Tony.”

    Tim Zehr
  • “I cannot express how valuable it is to have The Homeowner’s Helper! Patient, prompt, and professional! We have done several jobs through them and wholly expect there will be future ones to come!”

    Gabe Martin
  • “Tony, your services are just amazing! I had no idea where to start for our unexpected repair needs. You helped us locate available contractors that you knew were reputable. That took a huge amount of stress off of us. Not only did you locate them but you coordinated the services as well. You made multiple calls to do that and you were kind and caring in our time of need. I have recommended you to many. I had no idea you were out there or this type of service existed. I am sure I am not alone. Everyone should use your service! You are a true blessing. Can’t thank you enough.”
    Brandy Fey