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The Homeowner’s Helper to Offer Tips on How to Select a Home Contractor

The Homeowner’s Helper had a booth at the recent Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show, and owner Tony Messuri had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of area homeowners about the service and its pre-screened, pre-qualified network of contractors. Messuri will be a featured speaker at the April 25 meeting of the Northwest Lima Woods Neighborhood Association, where he will share tips on selecting a home contractor. He also will be leading several seminars during the upcoming Home Improvement Expo May 11-12, where he will address the important topic of how to find and select home improvement contractors for most any home project.

Pointers for Prepping the Deck and Backyard for Summer Fun

Warm weather is here to stay, which means people everywhere are spending more time outdoors. If the sunshine, gentle breeze and chirping birds are calling your family outside to enjoy some fresh air, it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for fun activities. With some smart home improvements, you can easily prep your patio and deck for a full season of enjoyment. 1: Tricks for properly cleaning patio furniture Today’s patio furniture can be as comfortable and stylish as indoor options, and similarly, it needs to be periodically cleaned. Resin, resin wicker or metal furniture can typically be cleaned with mild soap, water and a sponge or nonabrasive brush. Metal pieces can be polished with a light coat of car wax to bring back…

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Outdoor Living Trends to Make your Backyard an Oasis

More homeowners want their outdoor space to truly be an extension of their house and are taking steps to create an inviting area to relax, play and host guests. If you want to update your deck or patio for warm weather entertaining, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. You can easily refresh the items you already have and add new stylish elements by keeping some top trends and design ideas in mind. Consider these tips from The Homeowner’s Helper to help transform your space into a welcoming outdoor oasis. With just a few easy outdoor home improvement changes, you’ll have the best patio on the block. Mix functional furniture The line between indoor and outdoor design is blurring. You can…

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Use the Three Ps of Decorating for an Instant Home and Garden Makeover

Looking for a trendy home and garden makeover that gives instant gratification and doesn’t require a lot of time and resources? The latest trends in fashion and home decorating are drawing inspiration from the bright colors and laid-back attitudes of the tropics. Vibrant tropical colors are influencing home decor and gardens this spring and summer, according to home and garden experts. Whether you want to makeover a deck, patio or porch, add some tropical flair by following the “three P’s” of outdoor design: plants, paint and punch. Plants New tropical plants are easy to grow for any outdoor space. With fantastic colors and foliage, it’s simple to add splashes of intense color throughout your garden, deck and patio. Consider going big and bold with gorgeous…

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Improve Curb Appeal with a Few Outdoor Painting Projects

Summer is finally here, and with warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home with a few outdoor painting projects. You can add the right amount of color and increase your curb appeal in just one weekend, leaving you the rest of the season to enjoy the finished product. Your home, your style Before rushing to pick out a new paint color or even accessories, first determine what will complement your home’s existing exterior features. By keeping in mind your house’s style factors – like its design, size and age – you’ll be able to make updates that add value to your home.  Next, look for inspiration by browsing through home catalogs, online or even by driving through a…

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Add Tasty Edible Plants to Your Landscape

Window boxes overflowing with blooms, decorative pots lining the driveway with striking colors, and even a floweringvine climbing up the mailbox – the growing season have arrived, and it is time to decorate the landscape. The latest gardening trend is growing your own produce, so incorporate edible plants as a beautiful compliment to the typical annuals and perennials. This year, spice up the landscaping decor with some tasty options. Edible plants – whether herbs, vegetables, fruits or flowers – add a creative variety of interest to your landscape, and also produce a delicious bounty for your dinner table come harvest time. Here are some ideas to help incorporate edible plants into your landscaping: Decorate an arbor in the garden, along a walkway or near the…

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The Homeowner’s Helper Advises Allen County Homeowners to Select Contractors Wisely

The Homeowner’s Helper advises Allen County homeowners to select contractors carefully when seeking storm repair work such as roofing and siding. The Better Business Bureau of Northeast Indiana said that unethical contractors—called “storm chasers”—come out in full force after such devastation, taking advantage of trusting homeowners who are in a bind with severely damaged homes. Tony Messuri, president and owner of northeast Indiana’s premier home improvement referral service, The Homeowner’s Helper, offers tips that can help keep homeowners from making costly mistakes. Messuri offers the following advice: Check with people you trust for recommendations of contractors who have done work for them, however do not solely base your decision on these recommendations. Work with local contractors when at all possible, and avoid door-to-door solicitors. Don’t…

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Gardening Advice: Take it Slowly as you Help your Plants Recover from the Storm

A column by Jane Ford, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel This year we’ve had 80-degree weather in March, which forced our plants into an early spring, then drought conditions moved in to stay, and, on June 29, a storm of epic proportions blew through and dumped debris (dirt, roofing shingles, tree parts and assorted junk, such as children’s toys in my backyard) from someplace faraway. All of us have stories to tell and have had more days than we care to think about sweltering without fans or air conditioners because the power lines were laying everywhere, all tangled up with downed trees. Many of us have taken refuge with friends or relatives until the power company could do what they do best. This will be an Independence…

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Foundation Repair Business Soars as Drought Hits Homes

By Miguel Llanos, NBC News As if shriveled crops, dead fish, water rationing and brown lawns aren’t bad enough, some residents across the Midwest and South are seeing the drought in their own homes as foundations shift in dried-up soil. Sometimes they’ll even hear the shift. “We will get calls where homeowners hear a loud pop,” John Clark, general manager at Indiana Foundation Service, told NBC News. “They’ll explain that they’ve heard the house move.” Adding insult to injury, insurers typically consider such damage an “act of God” and thus homeowners are on the hook for funding repairs. Clark said drought-repair business in and around Indianapolis is booming, with calls almost doubling in the last month and his crews doing about 10 home repairs a…

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Transform your Interior Decor to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

The change of seasons, the change of family schedules, or even a change in furniture; there are many reasons to take the time to transform the interior of your home and revitalize your decor. Why not take the opportunity this fall and winter to refresh your interior with the bold colors trending this year? Traditional fall colors like bronze orange, vibrant gold and comfy eggplant bring plenty of life to a home’s decor, especially after the temperatures have dropped and you’ve closed up the house for a season. Winter colors are warm this year, with a lot of browns blended in with reds, yellows and taupe, creating a cozy interior feeling through the long winter months. And if you’re looking to transform your home into…

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