Improve Curb Appeal with a Few Outdoor Painting Projects

Summer is finally here, and with warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home with a few outdoor painting projects. You can add the right amount of color and increase your curb appeal in just one weekend, leaving you the rest of the season to enjoy the finished product.

Your home, your style

Before rushing to pick out a new paint color or even accessories, first determine what will complement your home’s existing exterior features. By keeping in mind your house’s style factors – like its design, size and age – you’ll be able to make updates that add value to your home.  Next, look for inspiration by browsing through home catalogs, online or even by driving through a few nearby neighborhoods. Make note of the color combinations you like on homes that are similar to yours.

Once you have your new palette in mind, you’re ready to get to work. The fastest way to make an impact? Apply a fresh coat of paint or stain to outdoor areas like doors, shutters, trim and fencing.

Doors, shutters and trim do more than just accessorize your home; they also make a big impact on its overall impression. Unfortunately, they take a beating from exposure to the elements, causing them to become faded and dingy. By repainting them, you can quickly make your house look more polished and refined. As with any painting project, surface preparation is the first important step. Make sure the surface is clean, dull and dry before starting to paint or stain. It is also important to remove loose or peeling paint so that you are starting with a smooth and uniform surface.

Now that the house looks refreshed, don’t neglect wood fencing and latticework. Update these surfaces with a new coat of paint or stain. Not only will it keep your entire property looking impeccable, it will help protect and extend the life of your fence or latticework.  Surface preparation is also key for these projects. After cleaning the surface remember to replace any broken or failed wood and replace any nails or screws that have failed before you start applying the paint or stain.

Be sure to add a few finishing touches to your lawn to really make it look pulled together. Planter boxes can add color and interest to your curb appeal, and can be rearranged whenever you’re looking for a change. Freshen up yours with a new coat of paint to add additional color and fun to your space; consider using a bold shade to brighten things up. When picking out plants and flowers for the boxes, include a variance in size, color and texture for optimal results.

With these new summer projects, it’s easy to increase your curb appeal, especially with the right painting tools and tips. Adding fresh colors to the outside of your home will make it more inviting for anyone who visits.