Brian Meadows

Comments on Contractor: “The quality of work was superb. I was very pleased. I definitely would use him again. He was easy to set up an appointment with and did this job on the spot, correcting the problem, and doing some painting for me. The screen was replaced to solve the problem for less money than I paid another contractor who only tried to make the old screen that was too narrow to work. He was courteous and professional and explained things well to me and gave me a chance to inspect the work. I was very pleased. He gave me a few of his cards and I will spread the word and recommend him as well as your service.”

Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “I was very pleased with the service. It was efficient and connected me with a reliable contractor. There is much need for this kind of service as one is often puzzled as to who to get a particular job. I will spread the word.”