Dustin Gentis

“Most people that come out to do work on your home don’t put your time ahead of their own and are mainly concerned with earning their paycheck instead of the quality of work they perform or helping to save the customer money not only right then but down the road as well. Bruce answered all my questions as if he was a friend instead of someone I’d hired. He wanted to make sure I knew everything I wanted to know about my furnace system, so in that regard I definitely got my money’s worth.

This is the first time I have utilized Tony’s services for a project at my home and I found it very useful and user friendly. I was able to submit my issue quickly while at work and Tony was prompt to call me with his best fit for my situation. I appreciate Tony working with my busy work schedule… he even made all the calls to set it up so that I didn’t have to! If I had been trying to find “the right person” on my own, I’d have been without heat for weeks! Thanks Tony!”