What Homeowners Are Saying

When asked about their opinion and experience with The Homeowner’s Helper and our network contractors, here are some of the comments from our homeowner clients:

  • Comments on Contractor: “I have a great deal of confidence that this work was done well, and thoughtfully. Tim’s [contractor] experience was an exceptional benefit. We were grateful for the flexibility necessary to accommodate overlapping contractors through a summer of difficult weather challenges. I’m sure our job was small potatoes, and we appreciate the attention despite the challenges.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “We chose this contractor on your recommendation, as we had no other experience to draw upon, this was a very good choice for us.”

    Aaron Smith
  • Comment on Contractor: “Dan and his crew were professional and enjoyable to have in our home. Top quality work. Our ceilings look fantastic! Excellent clean-up on our wood floors. No evidence at all of work done.”

    Comments on The Homeowner’s Helper service: “Tony goes out of his way to provide the best contractor for each job. Communication is prompt and clear. We have use The Homeowner’s Helper multiple times and have always been extremely satisfied.”

    Terry P.
  • “I’ve used this service several times now and have always gotten good contractors. They understand why I get competitive quotes and ask for ideas from the contractors. They also understand the need for small project contractors who are not tied to heavy schedules serving high-end home builders. Our needs are for rehab work on moderately priced homes.”

    Dennis White
  • “I’ve already told all the neighbors and family about The Homeowners Helper. I called 4-5 referred dry wall people without ANY callbacks. Tony at HH recommended an all around contractor and it was a good thing as I needed a lot more than dry wall.”

    Terry Houser
  • “I contacted THH regarding the project I needed help with at my home. I felt confident even prior to the estimate that their service was effective. The project was completed & I am very satisfied with not only the quality of work but. the level of service provided. I would not hesitate to recommend THH to a friend.”

    Blas Rodriguez